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Infrastrutture S.p.A.

Infrastrutture SpA

Infrastrutture SpA, (www.infrastrutture.eu), founded by Pier Francesco Rimbotti, is the holding of a group of private companies, some which have been active for over 40 years as developers, owners and investors of projects dedicated to energy production.

Infrastrutture SpA in Italy, is a leading actor in proving technical, commercial, financial, asset management and O&M services. The Group holds one the most significant track record in the country, having participated in the development of over 15,000MW, of which 300MW in the renewable energy sector, focused on wind and photovoltaic technologies.

Infrastrutture SpA is currently developing wind and photovoltaic projects throughout the country, has in operation 8 PV plants for a total capacity of 13,4MWp and provides O&M services to 170MWp.
The Group is actively looking for growth abroad, where it has contributed to the development of over 5,000MW through a network of partners in the energy and finance industry built in years of presence in the market.

Infrastrutture SpA is supported by a Management with expertise in the technical and financial areas. A team of high qualified employees, based in the offices of Milan, Florence, Rome, Ragusa and Tokyo a group of professionals located throughout Italy. Moreover, the Group always interested in the development of new technologies, is very active in the area of "Research & Development", and holds partnerships with well known Italian institutes.


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